Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"My Summer of Captivity"

Well, "Hannibal" is over for its season, and I haven't checked out NBC's
"Crossing Lines" just yet (great cast, but it all depends on execution--some
of that dialogue in the trailer sounded Ultra-Hokey!)

So, the best thing I've seen evidence of so far is last night's debut of
"Under the Dome," based on the Stephen King novel and executive
produced by Steven Spielberg and Brian K. Vaughan (with Neal Baer.)
It's a formidable team of talented vets who do what they do very well,
added to a great cast (I LOVE Aisha Hinds!) and a very intriguing concept!

I love sci-fi, I love mystery and suspense, and I am a huge
fan of character interaction and large cast ensembles...when done
well! Last night's premiers (of the 13 episode 'mini') was a delightful
little aperitif to whet the appetite!

Dissension amongst townsfolk, secrets and lies bubbling to the surface,
displaced lesbian couples, seizures of unknown origin, hot men, psychopaths,
a dozen deaths (and one murder!) and more sexual and violent tension than
you can shake a stick at!

If you were a fan of "Lost" or "Jericho," or a Stephen King fan...
if you enjoy "Revolution" or "The Killing"....
if you like shows that have diversity and characterization....
you'll probably enjoy "Under the Dome."
I'm looking forward to my new summer addiction!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Canceled, On Hiatus, On the Bubble--Oh, MY!"

(sigh.) No more 'Happy Endings,' and no more half-naked 'Max.'
It's the "Attack of the Gays;" backlash for last season's
gay prominence seen in this coming TV season!

Unbelievably, 3 completely awesome and perhaps the
gayest shows on TV--NBC's "Smash," NBC's "The
New Normal," and (my personal favorite show on air,)
ABC's "Happy Endings" have officially been canceled.

No renewals, all the shows that will be broadcast have
been broadcast, "Hast la vista, baby."

And the carnage worsens; The following laundry list
of perfectly good shows didn't make the cut (or they got
cut--however you want to say it!) within this 2012/2013
season (either due to low ratings or series' endings.)

(We're talking gay content, gay characters, gay hosted,
gay subtext, gay sensibilities, gay interest here--yeah, it's
broad! Sue me--I'm dramatic!)

* 30 rock (fabulous!)
* 666 Park Avenue (Vanessa Williams)
* Anderson Live (duh!)
* The Big C
* Body of Proof (Dana Delaney)
* Bomb Girls (tough females)
* Cult (sexy sci-fi)
* Deception (Grrrrl...DRAMA!)
* Don't Trust The B--- in Apt. 23 (sassy and fiesty)
* Drop Dead Diva (Margaret Cho)
* Futurama (gay robot)
* Go On (featuring lesbian character)
* Gossip Girl (teen soap with wit)
* Kathy (Kathy Griffin's talk show)
* Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings
* Merlin
* Spartacus (gladiators!)
* Touch
* Up All Night
* Young Justice

...and of course the gratuitous "we're only tuning in for the
hot men" guilty pleasures of  "Do No Harm," "Golden Boy,"
"Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe," and "Vegas." (Somehow I
think "Rookie Blue," which is a hot soapy mess I love, got
renewed, though!?!?)

Even down-the-pike gay greatness like the revived "In
Living Color" and "Political Animals" (Sigourney Weaver)
rumored returns are dead in the water. And there's to be a new
Dr. Who?!?! This is the final season of "Warehouse 13"?!

The question now becomes...what will be the signs of backlash
in remaining shows?

Will "Arrow" cease to be the prime hot spot for Grade-A
fleshy sex sightings?

Stephen Amell shows off his acting chops. (Mmnnnn--chops...slobber!)
Will "Happily Divorced" lighten up on the gay themes or talk?

Will "Modern Family" and "Necessary Roughness" and
"Parks and Recreation" and "Raising Hope" and "Suburgatory"
lose their wit  and sting?

What's most awful is that we gays have taste, and there are some
really lame-ass puke-a-rama shows being KEPT while quality
programs can't get a fair shake. Ugh! (How did "2 Broke Girls"
ever get a green light, let alone a renewal? Why is "Big Brother"
still on the air?)

Julie White portrayed a poignant and original (i.e., 'real') character
 Of course, there are the scores of LGBT hopefuls sure to be
viewed weekly as the contestants of "The Voice" and "American
Idol" are notoriously gay-heavy (How many queens were in the
Final 12 on Idol?!!? JESUS!) And, we can lust at the contestants
on "American Ninja Warrior," and the gratuitously shirtless
characters on"Being Human," "Blue Bloods," "Chicago Fire,"
"Teen Wolf," "Supernatural," and others.

We rise and we fall...and there's always netflix
and hulu if the networks fail us!

Friday, May 24, 2013

"Feet on the Ground, Feet on the Ground..."

"...everybody keep they damned feet on the ground!"

After singer Miguel literally crushed a fan during a performance
this week, the video was shot around the world, and he was
quite rightfully bashed on for the ridiculously dangerous move.

The butt (ha ha) of jokes all week, the only thing more
stupid was the interview with the fan (a woman, naturally)
who was just so pleased to have come that close to his ass.

"No big!"


the big news--and Weirdness--happened on the
"Dancing with the Stars" finale, when the above move
(seen here in practice, working) was flubbed beyond all compare--
and everyone pretended that nothing had happened!

Jacoby Jones of The Ravens (sadly, it didn't help, as he
obviously can't fly) was making an attempted leap over
partner Karina's head, but two problems occurred.

First, she was facing him at the time,
and second, he didn't make the height required!

WHAM! She got pecker-faced with a vengeance!

It's a good thing her mouth wasn't open!
It's a wonder she wasn't knocked the fuck out.
It's surprising that she has all her teeth.

But they kept up the pretense that it was planned....
even after he rode her face for many seconds like
it was a XXX film.

And the judges didn't acknowledge the problem at all!
They raved over his performance--and he got a perfect score!

(Fortunately the right person ended up winning, but--WTF!?!
Were they afraid he'd groin-slam them if he got a bad score?
Was it compensatory-discrimination?
Whatever the rationale, it was weird to watch--but having
a mix-up keeps things lively.)

Hey, if you're not on wires, stay on the ground, fellas.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Grande Dame, Jeanne Cooper

She was a consummate actress and professional,
a stalwart presence and striking energy for
daytime viewers for almost four decades!

Her commanding delivery and offscreen
firecracker personality made her highly
popular and found her a place in the hearts
of millions of viewers.

Jeanne died Wednesday at age 84.

Thanks to a true bright light for all the many
memories and inspiration.


Friday, April 26, 2013

"Call Me Crazy: A Five Film" (event)

If you haven't been watching, Lifetime has a tremendous series of
shorts entitled "CALL ME CRAZY: A FIVE FILM."

The films sport an incredible cast of actresses and directors,
including Ashley Judd, Laura Dern, Jennifer Hudson,
Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Snow, Octavia Spencer,
and many more!

The five short films deal with a range
of different mental health issues through
a single different woman's personal
journey and struggle.

The project was designed to elucidate what
it is to have mental illness (and to deal with a
loved one who has it,) and is designed to erase the
stigma--to start dialogue and healing.

For a more detailed look at the films, the actresses,
and  to get show times for the next movies, check out


Friday, April 19, 2013

WTF!?!? A Bomb didn't hit the TV station, did it?

Look, my week has been pretty shitty, and the
last thing I like to do at the end of a difficult day
is dwell on Real World problems and upset.

I like to Veg-out. I like to get lost in fantasy.
I like to drop out for a while so my mind can numb.

Now, granted, my week hasn't been 'lose-an-arm in a bomb'
bad or 'face-full-of-shrapnel' bad, but it's not a fucking
contest and my stress needs dealing with, so...

I was more than a tad annoyed when I tuned in to see
"Revolution" Monday night, only to find it preempted by
more NBC News lack-of-coverage and anything-but-fact-finding.

(Don't get me started on non-stop space-filler 'coverage' of
tragedies where inanities abound. And yes, I was hoping to
escape real-life strife by watching fictional strife; sue me!)

So I heard there was a great ep of "Independent Lens" featuring
the history of Wonder Woman on instead! Eureka!
A solution! I haven't been abandoned by the TV goddesses!

Helllllllll to the No!
They aired (locally, at least) a god-damned episode
about Fort Lauderdale and the history of tarpon fishing!
(Or something to that effect; I was so upset about the
pre-empting, I didn't linger to get the whole scoop!)

All I know is, that by tonight, I better have
some fricking "Happy Endings" on the tube, or there
may be some more upset on the streets soon enough!
Dammit--I ask for so very little!
How much endless cycling or horrible images do
people really need, anyway!!??

Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Sayin'

"'s The Apocalypse, girlfriend...

You gots to learn to fucking MULTI-TASK!!!"

-Georgia Unity

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Favorite Uncle Passes

My first memories of the 'Dynamic Duo' of Roger & Gene
must have been from about age 12 or 13. I was a hopeless
insomniac, and would watch the overnight syndicated TV shows
as one of my means of getting through the night.

And there it would be, their movie review show, with
witty yet venomous banter, intelligent speaking on the
art and history of cinema, and I was mesmerized.

I knew I was into movies as an escapist forum, but
I was only just coming to understand my love for
the knowledge of actors, directors, nuances, and so forth.
Certainly I had no one to help cultivate such interests in
Southern Podunkia, and now I had found an outlet and
an inspiration for truly experiencing film.

I was exposed to so many ideas and textures, indeed
exposed to films themselves. I was so excited by footage of
the 1986 French film, "Summer"/"The Green Ray" (Le Rayon Vert,)
that I sought out a special Saturday morning foreign film showing
in Tampa--my first foreign film, I'm sure--and was mesmerized!
Film became not just an isolated experience, but a trip into
the larger world.

On a family outing in Daytona Beach, while everyone else was
gung-ho for watching some stock racing one night, I slipped
away to a theatre I had spied with a showing of "Shy People"
(an incredible movie with Jill Clayburgh, Barbara Hershey,
and Martha Plimpton) at the age of 17, knowing where
my true heart was to be found. It was amazing, and I had been
introduced to the film by an episode of  "At The Movies."

I learned whose opinion jived with mine and whose was
the polar opposite, and either way I was able to accurately
determine which movies to avoid or rush to probably 95%
of the time. For a long time, Roger's outlook nearly identically
mirrored my own, until he seemed to swing in a different
direction. And still I enjoyed his evaluations!

But the idea of having the input, the familiarity, the connection
of these two film aficionados and critics to turn to on a
regular basis was a large part of my life, and I will always
appreciate the impact these two gents had.

Thanks for the education and the memories, Roger...
I'll see you at the movies.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TV Favorites, Episode 3

If you're not already watching, check out these great shows on
netflix, hulu, or the shows'/networks' websites to catch up with
older episodes.


Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead: Pisses and Moans

Michonne (Danai Gurira) was brilliant as always,
but...Thank Goodness we got to see more of the Real Deal!

She holds it in when Rick the Dick starts his posturing
and pissing contest early on, and simply maintains herself.

After saving his bone-head life, (and later the twerp's
too,) she still gets hassled, but stays the course.

Hell yeah she's gonna eat the food of your equally-
crazy friend! The mat did in fact say "Welcome!"
(Yeah, ya let somebody else down Rick, ya self-
absorbed control freak!)

Go sweat yourself, high-and-mighty narcissist nut-job Rick;
my girl side-stepped your baloney like a pro.

And finally, someone tells that kid to get off too!
"Cut the bullshit!"

I just felt bad for that hitchhiker, but I guess we
needed yet another guidepost as to how far down
our protagonists have been taken by their
ordeal. Survival's a bitch. Trust, a luxury.


Bragging Rites

Better Late Than Never...

both for his recognition by the Academy
(more or less) and my
giving a nod of approval to my honorary
husband, Ben Affleck.

And damn if that beard doesn't look goooood!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Night Suspense-Fest

In what could otherwise easily be referred to as
one of the most atrocious nights of the week in
terms of broadcast television, Monday
nights have been rocking lately thanks to
two new entries in the suspense/drama category.

"The Following" (FOX, 9 p.m. EST)
followed by "Deception" (NBC, 10 p.m. EST)
are great addictive TV, replete with sprawling
quality casts, intricate pot-burner mysteries,
and fast-paced story lines that keep you hooked tight.

If you've taken up knitting on Monday nights,
check out these hot new series today!


30 Rock finale

The '30 rock' cast and crew

Well, after last season's Desperate Housewives finale, I learned to

bag expectations for final episodes. Fortunately that's how I went into

the final '30 rock' the other week.

The entire cast was superb as always, but it was a very lackluster effort

overall (the script) as it just seemed to meander. There were cute bits,

and it wasn't horrible, but let me just say this; Jane Krakowski saved it

from being a greater loss with her "Rrrr-Jrr" ("Rural Juror") performance

which had me splitting my seams.

The significance? Well, maybe you had to be there. Be there for the last

several years, to be in on the joke. But stunning, still--and it was a fun ride.

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Law & Order: SVU" is Red-Hot

Discusses plot elements from the
February 6th show.


Another great episode of Law &Order SVU this last week! (Man this
season is shaping up into one of their best!)

Mike Tyson was great as an adult survivor, and it's always nice to
see (you know what I mean) the end run of childhood abuse, all
those many years later played out. The story was well-crafted and
reliably intricate. Ed Asner had a tremendous role as well, definitely
a turn for him.

But back to Tyson; I was really shocked that he would take such a role,
and it's so important. Not just because male survivors have it so tough
but also because black men in particular have such a burden with
bearing things silently.

And anytime the Injustice System gets put on trial, it's a good day.

Another job well done, all the way around.


Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Oscar Noms: Silver Linings, Life of Pi, Zero Dark...Oh MY!

Still a ways off until the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony,
and I'm mixed about the rather strange choice of host (Seth MacFarlane,)
but the one thing you can't go wrong with?
Checking out all the awesome movies ahead of time so you can
enjoy them and be better informed come Oscar night!

And, throw down with a mad Oscar-party if you can! Debating and
cheering and jeering is the best part!

For a complete list of the nominations, check out the official site:

and then watch the Oscars Live on
Sunday, February 26th.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Totally Addictive TV Shows

Just a few of my favorite addictive
shows on disc!

Smart, complex, witty, and well-acted,
these babies are the shit!

Are they some of your faves, too?
Which ones did I miss?
Nothing like a marathon of mayhem and melodrama
to get you through a night!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Big Brother' Thrillers:Too Close To Home

With all the undue paranoia going on
post-November elections, I thought it would be fun to
 revisit some of my favorite on-the-money
flicks about actual Big Brother, big government,
encroachment of civil liberties and personal freedoms,
and all the matter-of-fact erosion of our
society that were brilliantly forecast in these films.

My first offering, "Eagle Eye" was a stupendously great movie...
almost all the way through. The ending was bogus and
sucked ass, but probably most people won't be on the
same page there, so... If you can work it out that the
'pretty, sappy, Hollywood ending' was just a dream and
the movie actually ended four minutes earlier like it
should's perfect!

Although horribly misrepresented and mismarketed,
'Man of the Year' remains a great, solid film
that superbly mixes drama, humor, intrigue,
and politics. Frightening and engaging, Robin
Williams and Laura Linney made a great combo,
and a perfect supporting cast (Christopher Walken,
Lewis Black, Jeff Goldblum) add to the quirky nature
of the film.

The fourth movie in the "Die Hard" franchise supports a
bevy of new-breed Hollywood kids, much like
"Enemy of the State" had done years earlier, but it's
a fine match if even Kevin Smith can be tolerable.

Fast-paced, action-packed, and heavy on surprises,
it's a fine addition to the movie's heritage.
That some great political commentary gets worked
in is bonus!

"Enemy of the State" is a fun and exciting
dissection of a man and his life as Will Smith's character
gets unknowingly embroiled in--what else?-- a government
scandal. (Well, it's not trite if there really are a mountain
of corrupt assholes running things, is it?)

Great cast, especially Regina King, and plenty of
eye candy like Scott Caan and Barry Pepper.
A great find if you missed it, and a great second of third
watch if it's been a while.

A frighteningly accurate depiction of 'things to come'
is the superb thriller with Samuel L. Jackson and Geena Davis
which turns spy movies on their ears; "The Long Kiss Goodnight."
Action, adventure, suspense, intrigue, sex, politics, and
buddy film. What else can you ask for?

An oldie (modern) but a goodie; "The Net." Even with the outdated
electronics references, the concept and content of
this one are ever on-the-money. A great chase thriller,
plus we get to see lots and lots of hunky Jeremy
Northam...which can never be bad!

(Plus, Dennis Miller meets a fitting end!)