Friday, April 26, 2013

"Call Me Crazy: A Five Film" (event)

If you haven't been watching, Lifetime has a tremendous series of
shorts entitled "CALL ME CRAZY: A FIVE FILM."

The films sport an incredible cast of actresses and directors,
including Ashley Judd, Laura Dern, Jennifer Hudson,
Jennifer Aniston, Brittany Snow, Octavia Spencer,
and many more!

The five short films deal with a range
of different mental health issues through
a single different woman's personal
journey and struggle.

The project was designed to elucidate what
it is to have mental illness (and to deal with a
loved one who has it,) and is designed to erase the
stigma--to start dialogue and healing.

For a more detailed look at the films, the actresses,
and  to get show times for the next movies, check out


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