Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The Green"

Smaller films are always hit-or-miss based on a wide variety of factors, and I
was very pleasantly surprised that "The Green" wowed me start-to-finish.
Paul Marcarelli did a great job on the script and adapting it for the screen.

A superb cast, headed by the adorable 'couple' (played by Cheyenne Jackson
and Jason Butler Harner) made this unraveling mystery a joy to watch.
The always-fabulous Illeana Douglas, Julia Ormond, Chris Bert and Karen
Young make up a believable, world-wearied crew of normal Joes, not
just the typical gang of one-dimensional wonders.

In particular, there's a lot of good insight into the intricacies of relationships,
and the perceptions we are all too quick to assume about people.

There's actually quite a bit of story crammed into the movie, but it all fits
together nicely. While the ending is a bit easily resolved, it's nonetheless
a great watch, and worth getting for the ride. I'm certainly not going to
knock a happy ending these days!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

"The Administration"

Here's the trailer for the short film, "The Administration" that was
100% locally-produced in Donalsonville, Georgia.

The detective trussed up in the warehouse is yours truly.
It turned out pretty good; John is a very talented guy,
and we all enjoyed doing our part!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Down in the Delta

Here's an intro to the first couple of minutes to a tremendous film, "Down in
the Delta," with an unbelievably stellar cast.

I have always loved Alfre Woodard, and she shines in this movie as always.
Rounding out the blockbuster cast are Loretta Devine, Wesley Snipes, Esther
Rolle (in what was, I believe, her final role,) the scene-stealing Mary Alice
(featured in the above clip,) and many more. Truly great ensembles are my
weakness, and this film is perfectly cast.

A great story about families in conflict, personal transformation, finding your
way, and redemption. A Southern tale, a Family Tale, a Mother's Tale....and
definitely a Life Tale and a Feel-Good Tale.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Revolution" Trailer

One of the more interesting (and widely discussed) new show of the
upcoming fall season is "Revolution." In part because of the creative
fire power behind it (movie director Jon Favreau and super-producer
JJ Abrams, for starters,) it has garnered a lot of attention.

For me, the content is key, and the forces behind it mean that I have a
fair amount of trust that it will be done well. Post-apocalyptic, desolate
world recovery, mankind fighting for survival; these are all difficult themes
to pull off. The fact that the specifics of this catastrophe are a great social
commentary sounds like a great starting point.

I previously was a bit cold to Jeremiah, but I absolutely loved Jericho,
the original V, the original Planet of the Apes movies, and similar
dystopian movies. Even the poorly received "The Happening" movie
was interesting to me because of the human drama and mystery. It's all
in the execution, I suppose.

This seems a popular theme now, delving into the drama of how people will
adjust once society breaks apart, more so than in the past for obvious reasons.
Personally, I don't see much hope of all this camaraderie and brotherhood,
but it does make for interesting TV and movies!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Shy People

Typical of the 1980s, the trailer is completely cheesy and fails to show the
dark and deep nature of the story. Riveting acting and a dramatic twist
keep you engaged throughout, and the Tangerine Dream original sound-
track makes it surreal.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recent TV Faves, Part Deux

Just in case you share my tastes and are
not familiar with any of these great shows,
do yourself a favor and check them out.

I love truly edgy comedy, fast-paced and witty,
and that has become the standard-bearer for
new comedies and commentary shows.

Check out www.hulu.com for free
views on most all of these, of check
your satellite/cable provider for
air times.

Sassafrass Chelsea, Chuy, and a cadre of crazy,
outspoken comedians take on current events
and interview someone famous (or infamous.)

Get your news on with the crack team of
oddballs delivering a fresh spin--and plenty of deserved
Fox-bashing--on all the political and societal insanity.

Catch up on this quirky, dark show that gives 'Lost'
and 'Twin Peaks' a run for their money! It's in
reruns for the summer. Good suspense/action.

Cute, fun, low-maintenance but high-energy show
on the CW. Great banter and writing.

On PBS, watch incredible documentaries which
spotlight ever-changing points of view. A
tremendous insight.

Hilarious new show with sad-sack cast of
zanies...and the hot guy below, too!

A gut-busting laugh-fest with catty, over-the-top
zingers and commentary. No one is safe.
Get your Bitch on!
(Her Queen Latifah comment last night had me
on the floor...and I LOVE the Queen!)
"There's nothing sacred here!" indeed!

Possibly my favorite amazing ensemble; their comedic
timing is unbelievable. Funnier than you can
imagine, and a real envelope-pusher.

LAW & ORDER: SVU is back in full swing
with their new cast members and status quo...
including the amazing Tamara Tunie (below)
still in the saddle!

Who knew MTV could do good TV?
IJWMPB is a fabulous NYC slice-of-life story
with a great mix of comedy, drama, romance.

RT (Russia Today) is second only to the BBC News
for clear global insights you will never get from
American TV 'choices.'
You can also check out their site at


And for more recommendations of great TV,
check out Part One: