Saturday, August 6, 2011

RENT, the movie

("Seasons Of Love" from the opening credits)

RENT can be described any number of ways, but for me it
is the timeless tale of disaffected artists struggling against
the world at large. It is the story that any underdog can find
a voice in.

Based on the wildly successful Broadway musical of the
same name (returning soon!), RENT looks in on the lives
of a band of mostly homeless artists during  the Christmas

The cast features a variety of people from stage,
screen, and both fields; Tracie Thoms and Idina Menzel in
particular are phenomenal as Joanne and Maureen, but
the entire cast explodes with talent. (Another fave is
Rosario Dawson, and I was oh-so pleasantly surprised
to discover that Jesse L. Martin had a singing voice!)

Great musical,  great story, great acting. Hopeful and
inspiring while looking at a bleak subject matter which
will probably become more of a reality for many of us
as the months wear on.