Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Big Brother' Thrillers:Too Close To Home

With all the undue paranoia going on
post-November elections, I thought it would be fun to
 revisit some of my favorite on-the-money
flicks about actual Big Brother, big government,
encroachment of civil liberties and personal freedoms,
and all the matter-of-fact erosion of our
society that were brilliantly forecast in these films.

My first offering, "Eagle Eye" was a stupendously great movie...
almost all the way through. The ending was bogus and
sucked ass, but probably most people won't be on the
same page there, so... If you can work it out that the
'pretty, sappy, Hollywood ending' was just a dream and
the movie actually ended four minutes earlier like it
should have...it's perfect!

Although horribly misrepresented and mismarketed,
'Man of the Year' remains a great, solid film
that superbly mixes drama, humor, intrigue,
and politics. Frightening and engaging, Robin
Williams and Laura Linney made a great combo,
and a perfect supporting cast (Christopher Walken,
Lewis Black, Jeff Goldblum) add to the quirky nature
of the film.

The fourth movie in the "Die Hard" franchise supports a
bevy of new-breed Hollywood kids, much like
"Enemy of the State" had done years earlier, but it's
a fine match if even Kevin Smith can be tolerable.

Fast-paced, action-packed, and heavy on surprises,
it's a fine addition to the movie's heritage.
That some great political commentary gets worked
in is bonus!

"Enemy of the State" is a fun and exciting
dissection of a man and his life as Will Smith's character
gets unknowingly embroiled in--what else?-- a government
scandal. (Well, it's not trite if there really are a mountain
of corrupt assholes running things, is it?)

Great cast, especially Regina King, and plenty of
eye candy like Scott Caan and Barry Pepper.
A great find if you missed it, and a great second of third
watch if it's been a while.

A frighteningly accurate depiction of 'things to come'
is the superb thriller with Samuel L. Jackson and Geena Davis
which turns spy movies on their ears; "The Long Kiss Goodnight."
Action, adventure, suspense, intrigue, sex, politics, and
buddy film. What else can you ask for?

An oldie (modern) but a goodie; "The Net." Even with the outdated
electronics references, the concept and content of
this one are ever on-the-money. A great chase thriller,
plus we get to see lots and lots of hunky Jeremy
Northam...which can never be bad!

(Plus, Dennis Miller meets a fitting end!)



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