Friday, May 24, 2013

"Feet on the Ground, Feet on the Ground..."

"...everybody keep they damned feet on the ground!"

After singer Miguel literally crushed a fan during a performance
this week, the video was shot around the world, and he was
quite rightfully bashed on for the ridiculously dangerous move.

The butt (ha ha) of jokes all week, the only thing more
stupid was the interview with the fan (a woman, naturally)
who was just so pleased to have come that close to his ass.

"No big!"


the big news--and Weirdness--happened on the
"Dancing with the Stars" finale, when the above move
(seen here in practice, working) was flubbed beyond all compare--
and everyone pretended that nothing had happened!

Jacoby Jones of The Ravens (sadly, it didn't help, as he
obviously can't fly) was making an attempted leap over
partner Karina's head, but two problems occurred.

First, she was facing him at the time,
and second, he didn't make the height required!

WHAM! She got pecker-faced with a vengeance!

It's a good thing her mouth wasn't open!
It's a wonder she wasn't knocked the fuck out.
It's surprising that she has all her teeth.

But they kept up the pretense that it was planned....
even after he rode her face for many seconds like
it was a XXX film.

And the judges didn't acknowledge the problem at all!
They raved over his performance--and he got a perfect score!

(Fortunately the right person ended up winning, but--WTF!?!
Were they afraid he'd groin-slam them if he got a bad score?
Was it compensatory-discrimination?
Whatever the rationale, it was weird to watch--but having
a mix-up keeps things lively.)

Hey, if you're not on wires, stay on the ground, fellas.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Grande Dame, Jeanne Cooper

She was a consummate actress and professional,
a stalwart presence and striking energy for
daytime viewers for almost four decades!

Her commanding delivery and offscreen
firecracker personality made her highly
popular and found her a place in the hearts
of millions of viewers.

Jeanne died Wednesday at age 84.

Thanks to a true bright light for all the many
memories and inspiration.