Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 Rock finale

The '30 rock' cast and crew

Well, after last season's Desperate Housewives finale, I learned to

bag expectations for final episodes. Fortunately that's how I went into

the final '30 rock' the other week.

The entire cast was superb as always, but it was a very lackluster effort

overall (the script) as it just seemed to meander. There were cute bits,

and it wasn't horrible, but let me just say this; Jane Krakowski saved it

from being a greater loss with her "Rrrr-Jrr" ("Rural Juror") performance

which had me splitting my seams.

The significance? Well, maybe you had to be there. Be there for the last

several years, to be in on the joke. But stunning, still--and it was a fun ride.

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