Friday, April 19, 2013

WTF!?!? A Bomb didn't hit the TV station, did it?

Look, my week has been pretty shitty, and the
last thing I like to do at the end of a difficult day
is dwell on Real World problems and upset.

I like to Veg-out. I like to get lost in fantasy.
I like to drop out for a while so my mind can numb.

Now, granted, my week hasn't been 'lose-an-arm in a bomb'
bad or 'face-full-of-shrapnel' bad, but it's not a fucking
contest and my stress needs dealing with, so...

I was more than a tad annoyed when I tuned in to see
"Revolution" Monday night, only to find it preempted by
more NBC News lack-of-coverage and anything-but-fact-finding.

(Don't get me started on non-stop space-filler 'coverage' of
tragedies where inanities abound. And yes, I was hoping to
escape real-life strife by watching fictional strife; sue me!)

So I heard there was a great ep of "Independent Lens" featuring
the history of Wonder Woman on instead! Eureka!
A solution! I haven't been abandoned by the TV goddesses!

Helllllllll to the No!
They aired (locally, at least) a god-damned episode
about Fort Lauderdale and the history of tarpon fishing!
(Or something to that effect; I was so upset about the
pre-empting, I didn't linger to get the whole scoop!)

All I know is, that by tonight, I better have
some fricking "Happy Endings" on the tube, or there
may be some more upset on the streets soon enough!
Dammit--I ask for so very little!
How much endless cycling or horrible images do
people really need, anyway!!??

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