Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Trip

Miles Swain's 2002 epic about a friendship
and love affair between two men over the course of several
turbulent years and life changes is a captivating story.

"The Trip" blends comedy, drama, romance, and politics effortlessly
and keeps audiences wrapped up in the realistic view
of real love; messy, imperfect, sad, and ultimately rewarding.
It's a bittersweet love story with great dialogue and
standout performances from leads Larry Sullivan and Steve Braun.

The cast is rounded out by several quirky and fun
performances including Jill St. John, Ray Baker, Sirena
Irwin, and Alexis Arquette. A truly great ensemble
that pulls off a difficult and poignant film.

If you like 'period pieces' (1970s and 1980s,)
unrequited love, realistic romances, bold humor,
and great stories, do yourself a favor and check out
"The Trip."

I sort of imagine fans of "The Notebook" would
love this, even though "The Trip" is far superior, IMHO.
It has all those elements of missed opportunities and
dashed hopes..the makings of real life love.

(If ordering it, be sure it's the 2002 film; there are
several with this name.)