Monday, February 11, 2013

"Law & Order: SVU" is Red-Hot

Discusses plot elements from the
February 6th show.


Another great episode of Law &Order SVU this last week! (Man this
season is shaping up into one of their best!)

Mike Tyson was great as an adult survivor, and it's always nice to
see (you know what I mean) the end run of childhood abuse, all
those many years later played out. The story was well-crafted and
reliably intricate. Ed Asner had a tremendous role as well, definitely
a turn for him.

But back to Tyson; I was really shocked that he would take such a role,
and it's so important. Not just because male survivors have it so tough
but also because black men in particular have such a burden with
bearing things silently.

And anytime the Injustice System gets put on trial, it's a good day.

Another job well done, all the way around.


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