Friday, July 22, 2011


'Once' is the simple and spell-binding story of how fragile and
exhilarating new friendship, romance, and creativity is.

This is the story of A Guy, A Girl, their lives, and their music.
It's deceptively simple, yet rich and complex. There's a depth
of pain and need in the characters...a hopefulness that seems
to thrive in spite of circumstance. These are real people, not
one-dimensional movie characters.

This could have been just another "Will they or won't they?"
Moonlighting entanglement, but it blossoms into so much more.

The music laced throughout the film (by real life musicians
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova) is genuine and absolutely
riveting. There is soulfulness and truth in these Irish original
songs that will haunt and move you.

The tale is not a traditional Hollywood romantic fare, but
it is an honest and compelling examination of love and  life,
and the unpredictable nature of both. for the mini-site

and for imdb info