Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"My Summer of Captivity"

Well, "Hannibal" is over for its season, and I haven't checked out NBC's
"Crossing Lines" just yet (great cast, but it all depends on execution--some
of that dialogue in the trailer sounded Ultra-Hokey!)

So, the best thing I've seen evidence of so far is last night's debut of
"Under the Dome," based on the Stephen King novel and executive
produced by Steven Spielberg and Brian K. Vaughan (with Neal Baer.)
It's a formidable team of talented vets who do what they do very well,
added to a great cast (I LOVE Aisha Hinds!) and a very intriguing concept!

I love sci-fi, I love mystery and suspense, and I am a huge
fan of character interaction and large cast ensembles...when done
well! Last night's premiers (of the 13 episode 'mini') was a delightful
little aperitif to whet the appetite!

Dissension amongst townsfolk, secrets and lies bubbling to the surface,
displaced lesbian couples, seizures of unknown origin, hot men, psychopaths,
a dozen deaths (and one murder!) and more sexual and violent tension than
you can shake a stick at!

If you were a fan of "Lost" or "Jericho," or a Stephen King fan...
if you enjoy "Revolution" or "The Killing"....
if you like shows that have diversity and characterization....
you'll probably enjoy "Under the Dome."
I'm looking forward to my new summer addiction!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Canceled, On Hiatus, On the Bubble--Oh, MY!"

(sigh.) No more 'Happy Endings,' and no more half-naked 'Max.'
It's the "Attack of the Gays;" backlash for last season's
gay prominence seen in this coming TV season!

Unbelievably, 3 completely awesome and perhaps the
gayest shows on TV--NBC's "Smash," NBC's "The
New Normal," and (my personal favorite show on air,)
ABC's "Happy Endings" have officially been canceled.

No renewals, all the shows that will be broadcast have
been broadcast, "Hast la vista, baby."

And the carnage worsens; The following laundry list
of perfectly good shows didn't make the cut (or they got
cut--however you want to say it!) within this 2012/2013
season (either due to low ratings or series' endings.)

(We're talking gay content, gay characters, gay hosted,
gay subtext, gay sensibilities, gay interest here--yeah, it's
broad! Sue me--I'm dramatic!)

* 30 rock (fabulous!)
* 666 Park Avenue (Vanessa Williams)
* Anderson Live (duh!)
* The Big C
* Body of Proof (Dana Delaney)
* Bomb Girls (tough females)
* Cult (sexy sci-fi)
* Deception (Grrrrl...DRAMA!)
* Don't Trust The B--- in Apt. 23 (sassy and fiesty)
* Drop Dead Diva (Margaret Cho)
* Futurama (gay robot)
* Go On (featuring lesbian character)
* Gossip Girl (teen soap with wit)
* Kathy (Kathy Griffin's talk show)
* Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings
* Merlin
* Spartacus (gladiators!)
* Touch
* Up All Night
* Young Justice

...and of course the gratuitous "we're only tuning in for the
hot men" guilty pleasures of  "Do No Harm," "Golden Boy,"
"Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe," and "Vegas." (Somehow I
think "Rookie Blue," which is a hot soapy mess I love, got
renewed, though!?!?)

Even down-the-pike gay greatness like the revived "In
Living Color" and "Political Animals" (Sigourney Weaver)
rumored returns are dead in the water. And there's to be a new
Dr. Who?!?! This is the final season of "Warehouse 13"?!

The question now becomes...what will be the signs of backlash
in remaining shows?

Will "Arrow" cease to be the prime hot spot for Grade-A
fleshy sex sightings?

Stephen Amell shows off his acting chops. (Mmnnnn--chops...slobber!)
Will "Happily Divorced" lighten up on the gay themes or talk?

Will "Modern Family" and "Necessary Roughness" and
"Parks and Recreation" and "Raising Hope" and "Suburgatory"
lose their wit  and sting?

What's most awful is that we gays have taste, and there are some
really lame-ass puke-a-rama shows being KEPT while quality
programs can't get a fair shake. Ugh! (How did "2 Broke Girls"
ever get a green light, let alone a renewal? Why is "Big Brother"
still on the air?)

Julie White portrayed a poignant and original (i.e., 'real') character
 Of course, there are the scores of LGBT hopefuls sure to be
viewed weekly as the contestants of "The Voice" and "American
Idol" are notoriously gay-heavy (How many queens were in the
Final 12 on Idol?!!? JESUS!) And, we can lust at the contestants
on "American Ninja Warrior," and the gratuitously shirtless
characters on"Being Human," "Blue Bloods," "Chicago Fire,"
"Teen Wolf," "Supernatural," and others.

We rise and we fall...and there's always netflix
and hulu if the networks fail us!