Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Revolution" Trailer

One of the more interesting (and widely discussed) new show of the
upcoming fall season is "Revolution." In part because of the creative
fire power behind it (movie director Jon Favreau and super-producer
JJ Abrams, for starters,) it has garnered a lot of attention.

For me, the content is key, and the forces behind it mean that I have a
fair amount of trust that it will be done well. Post-apocalyptic, desolate
world recovery, mankind fighting for survival; these are all difficult themes
to pull off. The fact that the specifics of this catastrophe are a great social
commentary sounds like a great starting point.

I previously was a bit cold to Jeremiah, but I absolutely loved Jericho,
the original V, the original Planet of the Apes movies, and similar
dystopian movies. Even the poorly received "The Happening" movie
was interesting to me because of the human drama and mystery. It's all
in the execution, I suppose.

This seems a popular theme now, delving into the drama of how people will
adjust once society breaks apart, more so than in the past for obvious reasons.
Personally, I don't see much hope of all this camaraderie and brotherhood,
but it does make for interesting TV and movies!


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