Saturday, June 2, 2012

Recent TV Faves, Part Deux

Just in case you share my tastes and are
not familiar with any of these great shows,
do yourself a favor and check them out.

I love truly edgy comedy, fast-paced and witty,
and that has become the standard-bearer for
new comedies and commentary shows.

Check out for free
views on most all of these, of check
your satellite/cable provider for
air times.

Sassafrass Chelsea, Chuy, and a cadre of crazy,
outspoken comedians take on current events
and interview someone famous (or infamous.)

Get your news on with the crack team of
oddballs delivering a fresh spin--and plenty of deserved
Fox-bashing--on all the political and societal insanity.

Catch up on this quirky, dark show that gives 'Lost'
and 'Twin Peaks' a run for their money! It's in
reruns for the summer. Good suspense/action.

Cute, fun, low-maintenance but high-energy show
on the CW. Great banter and writing.

On PBS, watch incredible documentaries which
spotlight ever-changing points of view. A
tremendous insight.

Hilarious new show with sad-sack cast of
zanies...and the hot guy below, too!

A gut-busting laugh-fest with catty, over-the-top
zingers and commentary. No one is safe.
Get your Bitch on!
(Her Queen Latifah comment last night had me
on the floor...and I LOVE the Queen!)
"There's nothing sacred here!" indeed!

Possibly my favorite amazing ensemble; their comedic
timing is unbelievable. Funnier than you can
imagine, and a real envelope-pusher.

LAW & ORDER: SVU is back in full swing
with their new cast members and status quo...
including the amazing Tamara Tunie (below)
still in the saddle!

Who knew MTV could do good TV?
IJWMPB is a fabulous NYC slice-of-life story
with a great mix of comedy, drama, romance.

RT (Russia Today) is second only to the BBC News
for clear global insights you will never get from
American TV 'choices.'
You can also check out their site at


And for more recommendations of great TV,
check out Part One:


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