Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"The Green"

Smaller films are always hit-or-miss based on a wide variety of factors, and I
was very pleasantly surprised that "The Green" wowed me start-to-finish.
Paul Marcarelli did a great job on the script and adapting it for the screen.

A superb cast, headed by the adorable 'couple' (played by Cheyenne Jackson
and Jason Butler Harner) made this unraveling mystery a joy to watch.
The always-fabulous Illeana Douglas, Julia Ormond, Chris Bert and Karen
Young make up a believable, world-wearied crew of normal Joes, not
just the typical gang of one-dimensional wonders.

In particular, there's a lot of good insight into the intricacies of relationships,
and the perceptions we are all too quick to assume about people.

There's actually quite a bit of story crammed into the movie, but it all fits
together nicely. While the ending is a bit easily resolved, it's nonetheless
a great watch, and worth getting for the ride. I'm certainly not going to
knock a happy ending these days!


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