Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peggy Sue Got Married

"Peggy Sue Got Married" is one of the great--yet underrated--films of the 1980s,
featuring a remarkably well-done spin on the time travel genre. In this 'chick-flick'
version of the classic "What If?" conundrum, Kathleen Turner stuns in a moving
performance as she effortlessly shifts back and forth between drama and humor.

It says a lot about this film's greatness that it made me find even Nick Cage
bearable. An otherwise incredible cast, this journey to the heart of a person's
past and psyche explores discovering what we want and what we're willing
to live without.

A new spin on mid-life crisis, Peggy Sue got the chance to truly change things,
including her perspective. Good fun and adventure. If you've ever toyed with
the idea of what makes you You, or questioned what it would take to start over,
you'll appreciate the search for identity in this flick!


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