Friday, May 18, 2012

Long Kiss Goodnight

Loved this movie on many levels, and was very disappointed to read
that it was believed the story was stolen from a favorite comic of mine
("Somerset Holmes",) but I guess that explains why it's so good.

Geena is brilliant, and it's a very different role for her (which she makes her
own!) Love Samuel L. Jackson, and though he is loud (of course,) this is
a different bit for him, too; comic relief and an insecure man!

(And I am so in love with sexy Craig Bierko--man he's good. But the whole
cast is perfect, really.)

Great plot, great mystery, superb action-adventure on a par with 'Die Hard,'
and what's really scary is how the plot parallels so intricately our 2001
terrorist attacks (though the film preceded them by several years!!)

So, in another words, a great film for conspiracy theorists and folks
who don't trust the government.

Flying in the face of 'women are the victim or arm candy' Hollywood, this
movie was one of the earliest to serve up a believable female protagonist in
an action adventure role. (Even if it did also borrow bits of 'La Femme Nikita,'
another beautiful work! --The Anne Parillaud one...Bridget Fonda really didn't
hack it.)


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