Thursday, December 6, 2012

That's How You Do It!

Last night's "Law & Order: SVU" was a
phenomenal piece of television.

It began with a bang; a masterpiece lead-in which
set up the storyline, incredibly edited and
emboldened by a brilliant song choice
("I'll Take Everything" by James Blunt.)
I just can't say enough about the masterful
use of song and editing complimenting
the acting and filming!

(Actually, hearing that decrepit old theme
song following the intro was kind of a mood killer.
Probably should have done away with the regular
theme song, although I know that's anathema to
diehards. Still, it belies the seriousness of the
show, and was dated when it first appeared.)

Anywho; a fantastic episode, with all the
usual cast greats (I love the new dynamic!)
and special guests Patricia Arquette and
Anne Meara.

If they don't receive award nominations
(as the entire episode should, too!)
it will be a true sex crime...cuz someone
sure will be getting screwed over!


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