Saturday, December 22, 2012

Looking Forward to a Liitle "Deception" (Winter TV & Films)

I'm so immensely thrilled that the world didn't end last night, despite the
best efforts of Republicans, gun-owners, and religious nuts...Oh My!
(What's that? They're traditionally all the same ? Well, it still sounds good
as a bastardized movie quote. Anywho...)

The above trailer for NBC's new drama, "Deception" has me hooked and
looking forward to a mid-season replacement. Hopefully it's as good as it looks
and stays on the air, since there's a hole in my life where NBC's cancelled
"Awake" used to be! (Note to self; don't enjoy shows that are too well-done
or intelligent; they have a short shelf life.)

Also on my 'Must See' list is The Following on Fox with Kevin Bacon

For the Holiday movie season, I'm excited over Cirque Du Soleil and their
full length "Worlds Away" 3-D experience,

the best-cast movie of the year, it seems,  Hyde Park on Hudson, with the
powerhouses Laura Linney, Bill Murray, and Olivia Williams (yay!)...

I'm also anxious for what has to be the most perfect follow-up to a
movie of all time, This is 40...dove-tailing out of the scene-stealing
perfect-chemistry couple from 'Knocked Up,' Paul Rudd and Leslie
Mann! Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Segal, Albert Brooks,
and more inspired casting. Looks like Judd is getting back to his
mainstay, great character pieces.

Of course there's the spectacle and dramatic musical offerings of
Les Miserables which will need to be prepared for with water and
tissues, but there's just something brutally effective about the power
of song to convey emotion... and this cast--Whew!

Of course, I can hardly stand to go to a theatre anymore with people
being so asinine, but if I can find an empty matinee, I'm all over it.

And I'm also happy to still be alive because I would like to actually
get laid once more before dying. But since there's a better likelihood
I'll see this films, I'll put my energies behind that dream!


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