Friday, December 21, 2012

My Favorite 'Holiday' Movies

Probably my fave, between the songs and
the starkness. Spectacular performances.

Even though more 'Hallmark' than I
typically like, it has a good message.
Good story about growing up.

Just stupid-ass funny, which we all
definitely need.

Definitely a great movie, and the heartsick
longing of a world at war, a family separated,
are unfortunately always topical.

Just a fun, dorky, light, chick flick with
some good performances (esp. Ghost of Christmas Past!)

The Real Deal of X-Mas flix, it's the
third in the trilogy for the Friday franchise!
"Stop selling that snatch for Jesus!"

My fave of the old claymation, what with all
the politically-charged message and the diversity
bit. Anything with loners, underdogs winning, and
lonely folks coming together works like a charm!

Hilarious...complete with a great Carol
Kane performance, Annie Lennox music,
and all the cheese you can eat!

Yeah, it's always on a list because it really
is that good. The ending is unbelievable,
but the need for it to be true is what affects
people so deeply, and it's the hopefulness
Capra understood so well.

The most-maligned film of all time!
Yes, it's saccharine...yes, it's corny..
but it's a good catharsis for real feelings
and the cast can't be beat...a lot of my
favorites are in this!

The only religious-themed movie (not counting 'Ultimate Gift,'
which is only peripherally such) on my list, but it's well-done.
It presents a world of people as they really are, not idealized
versions, and the message isn't 'beat you over the head'
annoying. Good flick.

Pure crazy and hilarious...awesome cast.
Anyone who's ever been in a bad relationship can
totally relate!

Just a fabulous movie, period,
but since the setting is what it is...perfect!

Okay, so not actually a Christmas movie, but between
the setting and the magic, and the perfect analogy
for what's wrong with religion, I consider it a
great Holiday film!

Still brilliant, even 3 decades later.
I don't care who you are, this
shit is funny!

Both Die hard 1 and 2 are great popcorn
movies that keep you on the edge from start to
finish, and sport Xmas themes in each.
We all wish we'd have a chance to be John
McCain and have an excuse to shoot up
a bunch of crazy bastards about
this time of year!

Another nice, easy, feel-good romantic comedy
when you're in the mood to zone out and get
caught up in fantasy. Damn, Bill Pullman
looked his best right here!

Another super action flick with plenty
of surprises and kick-ass, plus a good
story about identity, politics, and more.

Heh heh. Neil Patrick Harris has his candy cane
pointed at my face! Ho ho ho!
Crazy good times...let the 'inappropriateness'
commence! Only for those tolerant of the
'politically incorrect.'

I'm definitely more a fan of the lewd and lascivious,
with a love of raunchy humor and turning tradition
on its ear, but I do also like some of the heartfelt
stuff. Not as much as when I was young and innocent, but...

There are also some great TV shows that handle Christmas
right; 'Happy Endings' is hilarious, so were all of 'In Living
Color' Christmas themed eps.  Anything David Kelly does
with holidays is spot-on (Ally McBeal, Picket Fences, L.A. Law,
etc.) and Ryan Murphy always puts the proper schmaltzy
and rebellious spin on things!

Stock up on the good stuff, and let the movies be
your company! The end results are likely to be
much merrier! Peace~


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