Saturday, October 8, 2011

Black Book (Zwartboek)

This 2006 Dutch film (Netherlands) was directed by Paul Verhoeven
(Basic Instinct) and tells the story of an Jewish woman who has survived
countless German attacks going undercover to exact revenge.
Full of spirit and courage and tenacity, it is a tremendous underdog tale.
Puts  Valkyrie and others to shame.

I included a non-English trailer because the US trailer was frankly boring
and didn't encapsulate the explosiveness of this film. "Black Book" is
filled with sex, violence, depravity, language, music, and all the things
that movies were made to show. It's raw and real and frightening and
inspirational. (It is of course available with English subtitles, however the
performances are so powerful that translation is almost moot.)

The leads by Carice van Houten and Sebastian Koch have smoking
hot chemistry and gave me extremely conflicting emotions. More
twists and turns than an episode of Law & Order make this a must-see film.


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