Saturday, October 8, 2011

All Over the Guy

Quite possibly my favorite relationship movie of all time!

No matter who you're attracted to, you'll find yourself
or someone you know in this hilarious and moving
romantic comedy starring Richard Ruccolo, Dan Bucatinsky,
Sasha Alexander, and Adam Goldberg.

Biting and witty dialogue, fast-paced scenes, believable
characters all make for a treasure. There is not a single
moment of wasted space or speech in this film. Julie
Davis does a phenomenal job directing, and there are a
host of incredible cast scene-steals from Andrea Martin,
Doris Roberts, Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow.

The best part of this movie, besides being genuinely funny
and uniquely honest, is that there is no sugar coating the
relationships in this flick. Everybody is unavoidably,
absolutely messed up beyond compare. Sometimes
tragically so, sometimes endearingly so, but it's real.
Watch it alone with a bucket of ice cream, watch it
with a new date, watch it with friends, or watch it with
a spouse. If you've ever had a broken heart or a bad
experience dating, you'll laugh your ass off!


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