Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There has been a rather significant block of
9/11-based movies, as well as those that
use the dramatic emphasis and impact for
background of another story.

Here is my selection of the best of those
movies, as well as documentaries and films
leading up to, hinging upon, and resulting from
the attacks on the World Trade Center and

We don't live in a bubble, and it takes every
part of a chain to make it link.
This, at least, is the start to
having the whole story.

Xenophobia, lust for oil, illegal wars,
being the police of the world, sideways politics,
secrets and lies, and our own funding of terrorism
(not to mention homegrown religious extremism
and fundamentalism taking over our culture)
are all to blame for what happened on September 11,
2011, and if we ignore that then we are doomed
to repeat the needless tragedy.



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