Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sordid Lives

Sordid Lives is an absurdist, incendiary, equal-opportunity-offender,
politically incorrect, raucous comedy romp that skewers Southerners
with a vengeance! (Well, 'white trash', to be precise, which I typically
equate with Southerners, so..)

If you're a fan of bawdy comedy, John Waters movies, sassy back-talking
strong women, crazy over-the-top hijinks, and can let your hair down long
enough to laugh at what's truly funny, then you'll love this movie.
(This is the movie that spawned the TV series of the same name.)

The above is a fan compilation of some of the best moments of the movie--a
little more heft than a typical trailer. I think it shows off the heart of the film
and the stellar cast quite admirably!

Sordid Lives IMDB info


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