Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night Wacth (2004)

WARNING: Scary scenes!

I have a very particular sensibility in play when it comes to horror
movies; I don't go in for gore or ultra-violence. I like something with
some suspense, artistry, plot, and creativity.

Often times, I find foreign film-makers fit that bill more than their
American counterparts. Such is the case with the first film in a
trilogy, NIGHT WATCH. It is anything but 'another vampire movie.'

The cinematography alone is captivating  and mouth-watering.
Many who were fans of the book didn't care for the adaptation, but
(as per usual,) taken on its own it's fine. Yes, it's subtitled.

Good stuff, if you're a fan of films like the original Fright Night
or Brotherhood of the Wolf.


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