Monday, November 16, 2009

Romance & Cigarettes

"Romance & Cigarettes" is not a movie for everyone.

If you are easily offended, skip it.

If you have no sense of humor, catch it later.

If you don't appreciate dry wit and bizarre tangents and creativity and sultriness, you might want to catch some old Andy Griffith Show reruns instead.

But if you have an eye for the lurid and the dark, the insane and the profane, then this masterful 'musical' spoof is for you. Think of it as "Rocky Horror Picture Show" meets "Brazil." (The original wrist-slasher 'Brazil,' thank you very much.) No, that doesn't quite do it justice.

Maybe "John Waters married Ryan Murphy and they had a bastard celluloid offspring." Whatever you do, catch this biting comedy that received some very unfair criticisms from tight-ass reviewers who seemed to have a mad-on against John Turturro.

The wild ride includes music from Tom Jones, Bruce Springsteen, Connie Francis, Dusty Springfield, and more classic greats!

The cast includes James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Mary-Louise Parker, Kate Winslet, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken--what, that isn't enough right there? Superb cast, non-stop giggle shits and guffaws. Here's a hint for the retards amongst ya; it isn't supposed to be Shakespeare!!! Unclench, Willamina!

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Romance & Cigarettes

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